Skills2Work promotes the skills of beneficiaries of International Protection through enhancing the capacity of relevant authorities, service providers and employers to facilitate early validation of competences and skill-based job-matching. In addition, the project enables access to information and services for skill recognition by beneficiaries themselves.

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The Skills2Work project runs in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, diverse external partners contribute their expertise to the project. To find out more about our European partners please click hereSkills2Work brings IOM offices and external partners together to examine current best practices and mechanisms for the recognition and validation of skills and competences and for skills-based job matching, recruitment and retention.  Employers and agencies working in the field of recognition and validation of competences are invited to attend events and consultations as part of our labour market mapping activities.

Agadez Training
Migrants and local community members in the Nigerien town of Agadez have been trained in this EU-Certified technique to make bricks using only plastic and sand. ©IOM 2016


What will the project achieve?

• A network of experts, municipalities, migrant support groups, employers and academics across Europe.

• A research publication of best practices and relevant mechanisms with regards to skills recognition and validation.

• A practical handbook containing guidelines for relevant stakeholders.

• National events that promote and disseminate information on national measures to support labour market integration of migrants.

• A collection of success stories from migrants and employers in text and video format.

• An online tool granting access to: 

Existing procedures and instruments for validating all types of prior learning and experience and contact details for relevant agencies; 

Employer needs in terms of skills and attitudes in key sectors;

Legal provisions pertaining to labour market access of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection and eligibility for various employment support measures;

Information on access to further education and training.

• A final project report and recommendations.

Our Partners:

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For more information or to get involved please contact Bríd McLoughlin: or +353 1 676 0655.