Family Reunification

A mother of three evacuated to the Dona Victoria Elementary School evacuation center in Pontevedra, Capiz, Philippines. © IOM 2014

Family Reunification Travel Assistance

IOM can assist in organising the travel arrangements for family members of recognised refugees to come to Ireland, once the Irish Government has issued the necessary visas.

IOM Dublin can provide the following assistance

  • Facilitate travel arrangements from a country of origin/residence to a final destination in Ireland
  • Assist with obtaining transit visas/transit waivers; e.g London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels (amongst others), Frankfurt and Zurich
  • Book flights generally at a lower price (and/or higher baggage allowance rate)
  • Provide IOM escorts for the travel if it involves young children or those with special needs, however a client must pay for the travel costs of the escort, plus a daily allowance if an IOM escort is accompanying a child/passenger
  • Airport visits – if the client requests that IOM accompany them to the airport and has paid a service fee, IOM Dublin can do so
  • Co-ordinate with IOM offices in 120 countries worldwide
  • Assist with obtaining travel documents in certain situations; usually involving making contact with the relevant IOM office in the dependant’s country of residence.

Some of the potential costs involved in travel for the purposes of family reunification are

  • Cost of the air tickets for the family members
  • Cost of IOM service fee (US$90 per person, up to a maximum of US$360)
  • Costs of any escorts

Please download the Family Reunification assistance application form ( MS Word or PDF) if you wish to proceed with a request for IOM assistance.