IOM and Department of Justice launch Migration Governance Indicators report for Ireland

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland

Dublin –The International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Ireland and the Department of Justice have launched the first Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) profile for Ireland on December 16.

The MGI profile for Ireland identifies a number of good practice areas, such as ensuring that regular migrants have equal access to health services and education. It has also highlighted areas for further improvement, including the development of policy and strategy to combat hate crimes, violence, xenophobia and discrimination against migrants.

The launch in Ireland marks the 70th report of the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) globally.

In 2015, IOM, in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit, launched the MGI, a tool for governments to assess the comprehensiveness of their migration policies, identify gaps and reflect on ways to address them. The MGI features more than 90 indicators covering six dimensions – including a section on COVID-19, which was used in Ireland’s input to the regional review on the GCM.

“Every country and locality face different migration-related challenges and opportunities. Therefore, the MGI does not propose one-size-fits-all solutions, nor does it establish a ranking between countries,” said IOM’s Director for International Cooperation and Partnerships, Wen Li. “As a voluntary, consultative and context-specific process, the MGI is key in providing insight into the progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Global Compact for Migration (GCM).”

The launch coincided with the 20th anniversary of IOM in Ireland and was live streamed from EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum. It also served as an opportunity to announce a new collaboration between Dublin City Council and IOM Ireland to work towards a local MGI report.

“The commitment agreed between us to develop a local migration governance indicator assessment for Dublin City in 2022 will allow the City to further support the many thousands of migrants who now call Dublin home,” said the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee

From Thailand to Ireland and from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, the MGI has developed a large footprint enabling participating governments to share innovative measures developed to tackle shared challenges using a common framework.

“We welcome the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration with the Department of Justice and support the Irish Government in their ongoing efforts to improve migration policy in Ireland. This first annual report is an important first step in building strong and lasting measures of migration governance,” said Lalini Veerassamy, IOM Ireland Chief of Mission.  

Since its inception, a total of 92 countries and 50 local authorities have participated in the MGI. MGI reports are available on a dedicated page on the Migration Data Portal, an access point to migration statistics and information on migration data worldwide.

For more information contact: Deborah Miranda, IOM Ireland, Tel: +353 (0)83 424 1532, Email: