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Thanks for joining us to mark together #EUantitraffickingDay Special thanks to our speakers Daniel Redondo, Ruth Breslin, @MaryCrilly7 @NushaYonkova @jpdromina and to Prof. @smullallylaw for helping us debunk some of the Myths and Misconceptions of Human Trafficking. https://t.co/dezyKYFlvg
@CommunityFound: We must smash myths around human trafficking, its real and happening here - supports needed to move victims #BeyondExploitation @NWCI @immigrationIRL @RuhamaAgency @INMO_IRL are leaders on this https://t.co/8yAhdy8ouc @IOMIreland @CorkAHT @DeptJusticeIRL @HHumphreysFG
@CorkAHT: Daniel Redondo from @IOMIreland is speaking now, debunking the myth that smuggling and human trafficking are the same thing. #hiddeninplainsight https://t.co/axLbe0UDbI
@SerpUcd: Misconceptions about Human Trafficking - we are joining @IOMIreland to smash the myths today...and why #Ireland needs to move #BeyondExploitation @NWCI @CommunityFound @_IHREC @immigrationIRL @RuhamaAgency https://t.co/V6TMgFa36n
❗️Starting now : Myths and Misconceptions of Human Trafficking, a panel with experts on the field of prevention and protection of victims. Join us at 3pm. 👉 https://t.co/vzOXyuvhtI Meeting ID: 857 4567 4397 Passcode: 558113 https://t.co/kUZJ1l9pNX
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  • I am a migrant

    I am a migrant is about humanizing migrants’ stories of migration and providing a platform to present their narratives in their own words.This project can help change the lens through which people view migrants and migration.

  • IOM X

    IOM X is the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop human trafficking and exploitation.

  • Protect Project

    PROTECT – Preventing sexual and gender-based violence against migrants and strengthening support to victims.

  • SURE- Sustinable Reintegration in Brazil

    The SURE project sets up a referral and coordination mechanism
    that promotes a more sustainable reintegration for returning migrants in Brazil.