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RT @UNmigration: 5 things you may not know about migration and the environment. https://t.co/3m898OsQli
IOM Ireland have two Apple devices for public auction. Please note that if you are interested in participating in t… https://t.co/o9X1uiVVk3
RT @UNmigration: “We are equal, whatever our physical abilities are,” says Walid. What is it like for a person with disability to work at…
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  • I am a migrant

    I am a migrant is about humanizing migrants’ stories of migration and providing a platform to present their narratives in their own words.This project can help change the lens through which people view migrants and migration.

  • Skills2Work

    Skills2Work promotes the skills of beneficiaries of International Protection through enhancing the capacity of relevant authorities, service providers and employers to facilitate early validation of competences and skill-based job-matching.

  • IOM X

    IOM X is the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop human trafficking and exploitation.

  • Protect Project

    PROTECT – Preventing sexual and gender-based violence against migrants and strengthening support to victims.